The Harrods Ice Box


380mm x 700mm x 380mm

Dating from CIRCA 1880, this solid pine Ice Box was originally retailed at Harrods Department store in Knightsbridge, London, SW1.

It has an upper chamber which the ice would be placed in, this is zinc lined and completely water tight apart from a drain for the melted ice water to escape. The ltd of the ice chamber is hinged with its original brass hardware and fully insulated, to keep the ice frozen for as long as possible.

The bottom chamber is chilled by the ice chamber above, using a vent system, which allows the cold air to drop through to the insulated storage chamber below, whilst remaining dry, this chamber is also zinc lined.

The outside of the ice box was originally painted "Harrods green”, of which some traces can still be seen upon close inspection. It is now in its bare pine finish, which has been lightly waxed to enhance the grain of the wood.

The front door of the ice box is fully insulated and retains all of its original hardware, including the locking handle catch, which is still in full working order.

The Ice box has an ability to store six bottles of champagne and a full ice chamber usually lasts for around 12-18 hours.

This piece of retail history is not only a beautiful and ingenious piece of furniture, but a fun working ice box.