Renovation Process

The pictures shown here are of a Argentinian “Ventana de visualizaciĆ³n” before and after renovation. We endeavour to keep all original exterior features as sympathetically renovated as possible, so as not to detract from the age and authenticity of the original item.

The Internals

Internally all linings, insulates, racking and where fitted, engines, are removed and replaced with modern equivalents, including environmentally friendly condensers, evaporators and lighting.

We insulate and then reline the interior with stainless steel, finishing with either hardwood or aluminium racking. However, internal specifications can be tailored to your specific requirements, including the positioning of the motor.

We are able to offer a variety of internal finishes to our "Ice Box's". The most popular is our stainless steel finish which is available in either smooth or textured. Our hard wood racking system has been designed to be as both functional and yet sympathetic to the overall character of the unit. It is easily adjustable and sealed to protect hygienically. The shelves themselves are easily removable to enable cleaning of both the shelves and the internal walls.

The Motor

The Renovation Process: Internals - The Motor

Every vintage fridge or "Ice Box" is fitted with a new fully guaranteed motor.

This can be sited both internally, in various compartments, or externally in an adjoining room or indeed outside as an air conditioning unit.

The Evaporator

The Renovation Process: Internals - The Evaporator

The evaporator unit is normally fitted in the highest point internally of the "Ice Box", to give the most affective refrigeration.

This unit is again new and fully guaranteed, it is also fitted with a dial thermostatic unit, to allow variable temperature contro.


The Renovation Process: Internals - The Evaporator

All "Ice Box's" are fitted with internal food safe LED lighting, which is controlled by either open and close switches operated by the doors, or internal PIR movement censors.

The Warehouse