Buffet Acajou


Red Mahogany
1,960mm x 1,420mm x 740mm

This large Buffet fridge, has been completely refurbished by our own in house joinery, it still possess’s all of its original door furniture.

Inlaid within the top of the fridge is a solid Carrara marble slab, finished in a honed patina.

There is LED lighting internally which is controlled by open and close switches which have been fitted to each door.

It has also been fitted with our own fan refrigeration design, which instead of blowing air from the fans at the top of the fridge, suck the cold air from the fridge and take this down a cavity at the back which is then exhaled through vents at the base of the fridge. This process allows for a more even distribution of the cold air throughout the whole interior storage area.

The exterior is completely unfinished and is in its natural timber patina, finely sanded to a shined finish.

Before Refurbishment