Geladeira (4 Door)


43″ x 71″ x 28″
£ 16,950.00

Due to the dwindling supply of the original Brazilian Geladeiras, and as our last few visits to South America in search of salvaged stock proved somewhat fruitless, we decided to replicate the four door and the six door models in our Surrey joinery.

These hand made replicas are made to order for our clients, using the traditional methods craftsmen used over one hundred years ago.

Unfortunately “Peroba” wood itself, which the original ice box's were constructed from, is now extinct due to the deforestation in Brazil.

So after much deliberation and experimentation, we decided to make the two styles of Geladeiras from “Hornbeam” wood, a very traditional extremely hardwood, also known as “Iron wood”.

Hornbeam, which although lighter in colour than the original “Peroba” wood, has much the same feel and grain, which is so important to the finished product.

We did not want it to be an exact copy of the original, but to be more a way of paying homage to the skill, craftsmanship and timeless design of the original Brazilian “Geladeiras”.

The “Geladeiras” is available in two sizes. Alternative sized, bespoke models can also be accommodated - POA.