Auto Servico


Red Grandis
1093mm x 2235mm x 787mm
43″ x 88″ x 31″
per individual cabinet
£ 29,400.00
for the size shown

These self service fridges were designed and built to our clients exact requirements, by our in house joinery, and are based on the style and design of the Brazilian Geladeira. They are to be used “front of house” and for the general public to retrieve chilled produce from.

They are available in any height or length, with various internal layouts and additional cabinetry being available upon request.

We use a timber called ‘Red Grandis’ to construct these fridges, as this is the closest sustainable, South American hardwood to the original ‘Peroba’ wood used to build the original fridges, as this is now regrettably extinct. We then fit our own cast bronze and brass furniture to the doors, again copied from original Brazilian Geladeira ice box furniture.

Design Drawings