Frigorifico Argentino


Mahogany / Red Grandis
2360mm x 1900mm x 810mm
93″ x 75″ x 32″
£ 29,850.00
for this size model

This Fridge freezer was designed, by our in house joinery, based on the original early 20th century Argentinean six door ice box. We use a timber called ‘Red Grandis’ to construct the fridge with, as this is the closest sustainable, South American hardwood to the original ‘Mahogany’ wood, which used to build the original fridges and is now endangered.

We have separated the right two doors to accommodate a freezer section with the left four doors concealing the fridge section, to which we have installed timber shelving. This layout can be altered to suit our customers requirements.

We have also glazed the top two doors of the fridge, however we are able to either completely glaze all four of the fridge doors, or indeed make them solid timber, as per the original fridge ARG15.

The dimensions of this model are shown, however we are able to build to suit your exact requirements.